2017 HPIP Training Workshop, Dallas

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Loosefill Fiberglass Systems · How Insulation Works · Properly Insulating Attics · Where Houses Leak; Airflow Study  · Spray In Fiberglass Wall · Machine Calibration, Safety, & Maintenance · Air Sealing · Grade I Batt Installation ·  Partnering To Achieve Grade I: Working With HERS Raters To Meet Increasing Energy Code Requirements  ·  The Evolution of Buildings, Building Codes and Building Science – What does it mean for today’s building professionals? · Blower Door 101· Builder, HERS Rater, Inspector Advisory Sessions

To book your room online, CLICK HERE. To make your reservation via phone, call 800-223-1234 referring to HPIP. 

Hyatt Regency Dallas, 300 Reunion Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75207
8:00 AM      Breakfast, Networking
8:45 AM     Classroom Orientation
9:00 AM     Attic Insulation
                   Tom Calzavara, Johns Manville
9:40 AM     The Evolution of Buildings, Building Codes and Building Science;
What does it mean for today’s building professionals?

                     Ted Winslow, CertainTeed
10:40 AM     Break
10:50 AM     Understanding Air Leakage & Sealing in Residential Structures
                      Clint Shireman, Knauf Insulation & Craig Marden, Owens Corning
12:00 PM      Insulation Equipment: Performance Stability With Sustainability
                     Chris Fuerst, Krendl Machine
12:30 PM     Lunch, Networking
1:00 PM       Industry Professional Session
                     Wes Selman, CLS Insulation, HERS Rater
2:10 PM       Spray In Fiberglass Wall
                     Tom Calzavara, Johns Manville
2:50 PM       Blowing Insulation Machine Operation & Safety
                     Richard Anderson, CertainTeed Machine Works
3:20 PM       Break, Exhibits, & Networking
3:30 PM       Spray Foam & Hybrid Walls – Do’s, Don’ts, and Things Everyone Should Know
                     Ken Allison, IDI Distributors
4:10 PM       Grade I Installation
                     Clint Shireman, Knauf Insulation
4:50 PM       How Insulation Works
                     Neil Freidberg, Owens Corning
5:20 PM       Blower Door 101
                     Jonathan Lang, Knauf Insulation
5:50 PM       Day One Wrap-Up; Instructors, Staff, & Hosts Visit Jobsite; Train the Trainer Dinner

Jobsite Location TBD

7:30 AM     Jobsite Orientation
8:00 AM     Hands-On Training, Product Certifications, System Demonstrations:

Insulation Blowing Machine Operation & Safety + Jobsite Safety
Rich Anderson, CertainTeed Machine Works
Krendl 4000G Insulation Equipment: Maintenance & Safety = Productivity & Profits
Mark Riemesch, Krendl Machine
Johns Manville Spider® Plus
Tom Calzavara, Johns Manville
ProPink Complete, Energy Complete, Comfort SealR + Generic Blow In Wall & Density Testing
Neil Freidberg, Owens Corning
Clint Shireman, Knauf Insulation
CertainTeed MemBrain + Grade I Batt Installation
Ted Winslow, CertainTeed
Blower Door 101
Jonathan Lang, Knauf Insulation

1:30 PM     Training Complete; Depart Jobsite


Call Shelby at 605-430-1067 regarding registration options for member and nonmember suppliers.