We support the growth and expertise of our members who provide high performance, energy efficient insulation systems and related components.


HPIP embodies everything BIBCA worked hard for over the past 30 years, and strives to make it better. This organization is made up of hundreds of the best-trained and most committed insulation contractors across the US and Canada.

We’re often asked what makes this Association different from others in the industry. The answer is simple. We advocate for and support only systems that meet Grade-One standards, we’re focused primarily on blown-in fiberglass systems, and we invite only contractors who commit to our standards of excellence and professionalism.

For us, improving the industry means continuing to invest in the boots on the ground. The contractors who live what we preach every day. We strive to support contractors who are not currently using a branded high-performance system, but would like to do so. By serving as an incubator, we will support previously un-trained contractors and shift the industry by converting these insulation contractors into trained professionals who offer tested, branded systems.

Our efforts compliment rather than compete with other insulation trade associations. We are all different, and we all serve an individual purpose. After 30 years, we are more committed than ever to ours!