Over the past few months, BPI has developed a homeowner centric website with videos explaining the importance of home performance and value of certified professionals; resources, articles and case studies; a tool that allows homeowners to conduct a high-level virtual audit; and more. While the URL may look familiar, everything has changed.  Be sure to check it out – www.bpi.org.


BPI Building Envelope Course & Certification Exams

BPI Building Envelope ONLINE Course ONLY

Builds upon the BPI Building Analyst Course to provide a better understanding of why the diagnostic process is so important, why problems related to the building shell such as moisture, ice dams, mildew and drafts were a problem in the first place – and more importantly, how to resolve them.  For more information, Click Here.


BPI Building Science Principles

Designed for anyone getting into the green industry. It covers all the basics of building science, including energy transfer and air leakage, indoor air quality, insulation, combustion safety, moisture, lighting & appliances, and much more.  For more information, Click Here.