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If you’re looking for an insulation system for closed-cavity applications, no other product installs better or performs better than OPTIMA. It provides a custom designed, seamless, thermally efficient, sound reducing  blanket that fills every cavity, leaving no gaps or voids and will not settle.  Designed to be blown behind OPTIMA fabric, or equivalent, in new construction or it can be used for retrofitting existing sidewalls.


Insulsafe LogoInsulSafe® SP is a premium fiber glass blowing insulation used in residential and commercial construction as a thermal and sound absorbing insulation. While it is an excellent choice for new construction projects, it is also an outstanding option for retrofit applications—pneumatic installation in attics and walls.   Because it’s blown-in, InsulSafe SP covers every nook and cranny in an attic or wall cavity. It installs quickly, cleanly and easily, and is lightweight so it can be blown in right over current attic insulation.


CertaSprayCertaSpray® Closed Cell Foam is a two-component spray foam insulation that can be spray-applied into open wall cavities, perimeter joists, cathedral ceilings, garage ceilings, attics and crawlspaces.  Often used in combination with a BIBS-HP system, CertaSpray® provides thermal insulation, moisture and air barrier properties for the interior of the home and reducing air infiltration through the building envelope providing an unsurpassed air tight seal in complex hard-to-reach areas.  CertaSpray® is also available in Open Cell formulations.


Cti10LbrColMb0001AIt’s nearly impossible to keep air and moisture from entering a home’s walls. That’s why traditional vapor and air barriers only do half the job. Poly helps block moisture and air, but can also block moisture from escaping — hindering the home’s natural drying potential and increasing the risk of costly mold and mildew.
MemBrain’s innovative technology not only blocks moisture and air, it is designed to help wall cavities stay dry. Unlike traditional poly vapor barriers, MemBrain blocks moisture when humidity is low in the cavity yet increases its permeability when humidity is high to let moisture escape while still maintaining its air tightness.


SmartBatt_LogoBlueMoisture in a home is unavoidable.  But now there’s a revolutionary way to manage it.  New SMARTBATT™Insulation with MoistureSense™ Technology features an integrated smart vapor retarder that blocks moisture in wall cavities when humidity is low and provides enhanced drying, allowing moisture to escape when humidity is high.  SMARTBATT can help reduce the risk of mold and mildew within the wall cavity, contributing to healthier homes and happier occupants. So bring on the moisture. SMARTBATT has it covered.


PrintFortiCel™ is a protective coating solution that helps to prevent the growth of mold on the structural framing surfaces of new homes. Available exclusively through CertainTeed, FortiCel is professionally applied to the interior wall cavity during construction, before the insulation is installed.

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