Contractors become involved in HPIP by applying and paying annual dues. Contractors may join for one year at an entry level and work their way up to Gold and Platinum levels through training and industry endorsements. Companies may join individually, as multi-branch operations, or request sponsorship from their supplier or manufacturer. First year members may apply for first year discounted dues through their distributor or manufacturer.  Through our independent third-party accreditation, contractors can legitimately hold themselves out to customers as the best of the best in their market.  Our certified members are recognized by the nonprofit partner organizations BPI and RESNET.



This introductory-level membership is available to any insulation contractor who pledges to abide by our Code of Ethics, and wishes to become certified in one of the high-performance systems we endorse. These members may join at any time, but must secure training and a letter of reference from a partner or supplier within one year to remain involved. Industry Partners will embrace these aspiring professionals to help them become certified and trained in the branded systems we endorse. True to our roots, we will serve as the incubator for insulation contractors ready to make a professional move to excellence. A first-year introductory rate of $295 is available through distributors and manufacturers for these entry level contractors.

These members are trained and offer one or more of the high performance systems we endorse. They enjoy all the benefits of regular membership, but also appear on our member locator map and are eligible for special discounts and promotions offered only to higher levels of membership. They are recommended by our Industry Partners as trained and certified, and have been involved in the Association for more than one year. Membership is available at the annual renewal rate of $450, with an early renewal rate of $375 when members join in the first 30 days of renewal date.

The best of the best members meet all the criteria of Gold Members, but also train and certify their crews on an ongoing basis. They are recognized by nonprofit partners RESNET and BPI as the best insulation contractors in the country, and enjoy even deeper discounts and benefits designed exclusively for them. Platinum Members are eligible for leadership positions, and often serve to raise the bar by mentoring up and coming new members. These are the leaders and expert members of HPIP. They’re invited to represent the Association at industry trade shows and special speaking engagements. Membership is available at the annual renewal rate of $450, with an early renewal rate of $375 when members join in the first 30 days of renewal date.


Receive discounts on products and services you already use, or should be using. The benefit from these partners will pay for your membership dues many times over, and keep more of your money where it belongs, in your pocket!

Visit our marketplace for non-industry specific items such as fuel and office supplies: First time visitors, please register as a “New Member in the marketplace.” To verify your membership status with HPIP, or for questions on this program, contact the office at 605-949-2427.