Platinum Level certified members receive the best benefits and appear with special designation on our contractor locator map.  Platinum members are not only our most highly trained members, but also our leaders and board members; the contractors who understand the vision of HPIP.

This level of certification requires that you take the course, and also the test.  With a passing grade, you will join the ranks of our best trained members.



EnergySmart Platinum Bundle

EnergySmart Platinum Testout Bundle


Why is the Platinum level course based on calculating air change rates and air duct leakage if they are usually done by someone else?

We constructed the Platinum course for contractors who have taken all other coursework and need to add blower door and duct blast knowledge.  Whether or not they want to do this as a business, we require that they understand and can speak intelligently to other contractors, homeowners, builders, raters, analysts, etc.

The Platinum course and exam can prepare insulation contractors to add blower door and duct blast to the list of services their company provides.  Many of our members are looking to be not only the insulation contractor, but also the HRV technician and the contractor who does the blower door.  Most of our higher level members already use blower doors; it’s another way to diversify business and create another revenue stream.

The Entry and Gold levels both deal with all aspects of insulation.  The Platinum course assumes that you have already taken these courses, so it does not go into as much pure insulation education.