• Insulsafe© SP Fiber Glass blow-in insulation (CertainTeed)
  • Optima© Fiber Glass blow-in insulation (CertainTeed)
  • Optima© Fabric as used in blown-in fiberglass systems (CertainTeed)
  • MemBrain™ Smart vapor retarder (Certainteed)
  • FortiCel™ Mold Prevention System (CertainTeed)
  • CertaSpray© Closed-cell foam as used in hybrid systems (CertainTeed)
  • Jet Stream© Ultra Blowing insulation (Knauf Insulation)
  • Jet Stream© Max Blowing insulation (Knauf Insulation)
  • Ecoseal™ Water-based Elastomeric Sealant (Knauf Insulation)
  • Spider® Plus blow-in insulation (Johns Manville)
  • Climate Pro© Fiber Glass blow-in insulation (Johns Manville)
  • Spider© Fiber Glass blow-in insulation (Johns Manville)
  • Spider© Fiber spray-in custom insulation system (Johns Manville)
  • Corbond III© Closed-cell Polyurethane foam as used in hybrid systems (Johns Manville)
  • High-Density Fiber Glass insulation, installed at Grade 1 standards only
  • ProPink Complete, High Performance Wall System (Owens Corning)
  • EnergyComplete® , Sealant (Owens Corning)


The Systems and Technology Committee collects nominations of systems to be included and endorsed as high performance from the membership and industry. If nomination passes this committee, the voting Board of Directors considers the full online application submitted by the nominee’s designated representative. The committee also recommends an appropriate level of membership and contribution. The application of any system must meet with approval from a majority of the voting Board of Directors. This committee currently includes industry leaders Dean Moody (Past President), Greg Kudrna (Director), and Tanner Kinzler (Vice President).  The committee accepts nominations year-round and puts forth recommendations at the beginning of each calendar year quarter. Platinum Members only are eligible to serve on this committee.

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